Senate Democrats Urge Pelosi to Hand Over Impeachment Articles


Independent Sen. King backed his Democrat colleagues; although, King also noted that Pelosi’s decision to hoard the impeachment articles isn’t controlling the Senate in her intended manner.

King’s statements read as follows:

“I think it is time for the Speaker to send the articles over. [Don’t] think her holding them puts any particular pressure on Mitch McConnell. I think the key vote will come in the middle of the trial.”

During talks with CNN, Sen. Jones explained that he and other senators are already prepared and ready to “get moving on this.”

Where is Mitch McConnell on All This?

The Senate Majority Leader continues to maintain his criticism of Speaker Pelosi for “playing politics.” Yesterday, America also learned that McConnell now has the votes to begin a trial.

Meanwhile, Democrat leaders continue attempting to pressure the Senate into holding a “fair” trial. By fair, Democrats want the Senate to agree to their desired stipulations before handing over the articles.

Nevertheless, the Majority Leader made clear that there isn’t an outcome that removes Trump from office. McConnell is also working with the president’s lawyers on matters regarding impeachment.