Shaquandra Woods $300K COVID Fraud Conviction

Shaquandra Woods $300K COVID Fraud Conviction

In a legal saga tinged with digital intrigue and high-stakes allegations, Shaquandra Woods, a Florida attorney convicted of conspiring to defraud a U.S. coronavirus pandemic relief program, is

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now mounting a fervent bid for exoneration. Woods, found guilty in December of orchestrating a scheme to illicitly pocket around $300,000 from federal COVID-19 relief funds, has launched a bold appeal, challenging the integrity of the trial and invoking her constitutional rights.

Shaquandra Woods $300K COVID Fraud Conviction : Allegations of Inadequate Evidence

Central to Woods’ plea for absolution is her assertion that the government’s case against her rests on shaky ground. In a motion filed before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia, Woods contends that the evidence presented by prosecutors fails to conclusively link her to the purported fraudulent activities. She argues vehemently that the government’s reliance on digital footprints, such as IP addresses and email correspondence, falls short of establishing her direct involvement.