Rideshare, Delivery Drivers Encouraged to Strike on Valentine’s Day


This Wednesday, Americans are projected to collectively spend billions of dollars on celebrating Valentine’s Day with their romantic partners. Vari

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ous consumer reports also indicate that much of the money will go to dinner dates, jewelry, flowers, and clothing.

Unlike previous Valentine’s Days, spenders aren’t as likely to pick up presents for platonic loved ones this time around. It seems that given the current state of the economy, people who do celebrate February 14 want to reserve their resources for their romantic partners.

However, one more surprise may be just around the corner as Wednesday gets closer. A non-profit organization known as Justice For App Workers is encouraging drivers on platforms like Lyft, DoorDash, and Uber to go on strike this Valentine’s Day.

An important public service announcement for Americans

In a press release, the nonprofit declared that folks working on different apps have grown fed-up with mistreatment. It is Justice For App Workers’ view that far too many people have to work 80-hour weeks for meager pay, while also facing safety concerns and fears of instant deactivation from these platforms.