Americans Expected to Spend Billions This Valentine’s Day


Every year, Valentine’s Day rolls around on February 14. This is a time for people to honor their romantic partners and the concept of love itself. From dinner date reservations to flowers and trips, many folks go the extra mile to make Valentine’s Day special for their significant others.

Over the past several years, many Americans have struggled under the weight of inflation, job layoffs, and no signs of the economy turning around anytime soon. Nevertheless, with just a little more than two weeks before February 14 arrives, the nation’s consumers remain projected to spend more than $14 billion for the holiday.

What to know about upcoming Valentine’s Day spending projections

The National Retail Federation predicts that most February 14 spending will go towards couples purchasing flowers, jewelry, clothes, and dinner date nights. Unlike previous Valentine’s Days, fewer people are likely to buy gifts for platonic loved ones in their lives.

During the economy’s better days, more folks elected to get presents not just for their significant others, but also for relatives and close acquaintances.