Is Silicon Valley “Actually Quite Conservative?”


On Thursday, a Democratic pollster suggested that Silicon Valley is not as liberal as most Americans might believe.

The Latest Commentary Regarding Silicon Valley

During yesterday’s interview with Hill.TV, Anne Greenberg, a left-leaning pollster shared the following remarks about the California-based Silicon Valley:

“I think that’s there’s a sense that they are liberal or Democrats because they’re in California; because they’re in California and because they’re very highly educated, and they’re very socially liberal.”

Greenberg then continued, stating that the mentioned sense is not quite accurate.

“I’ll tell you what, these Silicon Valley execs care a lot about their bottom line. Actually, on economics, they’re actually quite conservative. [They’re] on the forefront of trying to prevent certain kinds of regulations, for example, by the federal government.”

Views and Perceptions of Silicon Valley

The most common perceptions of Silicon Valley are in strong contrast with Greenberg’s remarks. In many circles, the California-based area is viewed as highly liberal. The current controversy surrounding dominant social media platforms and their treatment of conservatives has only fueled the already prevalent notions about Silicon Valley.