Six Money Tips For Millennials (And Anyone Else)


It’s no secret.  Money can be a struggle when you’re young with thousands of dollars in student loan debt, and working as the “low man on the totem pole” at your new company for very low pay.

I’m not going to sugar coat it.  For many, money only gets a little easier to handle. It’s not their fault either. For whatever reason, money and how to use it responsibly is not something we are all taught. Only those who have mentors with knowledge on the subject or those who research articles like this ever actually understand money in a way that makes it easier to deal with.

Fortunately, that means since you’re reading this article, you are on your way to becoming one of those people and are likely to be someone willing to learn what it takes to understand money and how you can make it a stress-free fact of your life.

Here are six simple tips for handling personal finances independently

1. Set a budget

You don’t need to track where every penny goes and have your checkbook balanced every night after dinner.