Skywatcher Viewing Guide: Rare Ring-of-Fire Solar Eclipse Returns After Over a Decade 


A captivating “ring-of-fire” solar eclipse is set to grace the skies, and it’s a momentous occasion, considering it’s the first time in over eleven years that North America will be treated to this extraordinary phenomenon. 

For avid space enthusiasts across the United States, October promises a celestial spectacle that deserves to be marked on your calendars. 

Notably, individuals in Central and South America will also have the opportunity to witness this event as it traverses the continent after captivating North America’s attention.

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Witness the Astonishing Ring-of-Fire Solar Eclipse

This mesmerizing ring-of-fire solar eclipse is slated to commence on October 13, offering viewers in eight states a remarkable sight. Oregon, Northern California, Nevada, Utah, northeastern Arizona, southwestern Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas are among the fortunate locations where this celestial show will unfold before reaching its conclusion on October 14.