Skywatchers: April 8 Brings the Dragon Eclipse of the Sun


On April 8 a rare total solar eclipse can be seen in most parts of the US. This phenomenon is known as Dragon Eclipse.

The shadow of the moon will plunge parts of the earth into darkness in the middle of daylight hours. 

The 2024 total eclipse, is also known as the “Great North American Eclipse.” It will be 20 years till we see another one.

It will be an astronomical experience that will be accessible to millions of people.

According to NASA estimates around 215 million adults in the U.S. saw the 2017 solar eclipse either in person or online. And millions more will see this April’s sky event.

The path of totality for the latest eclipse will pass over cities like Dallas, Cleveland, Buffalo, and New York. And sky gazers from all over the country will travel to view the event.

Dragon Eclipse History

According to a NASA post the ancient Chinese and Incas saw the phenomenon as “… a dragon, or a demon, who devours the Sun.” 

In ancient times, a total solar eclipse generated fear. People thought the world would end or evil would spread throughout the path of the eclipse.