Skywatchers: Cold Moon Delights Light Up December Nights


December 2023 is anticipated to be one of the most captivating months for amateur astronomers and stargazers alike. Shooting stars herald the coming of the Winter Solstice and the year closes with a Cold Moon.

Meteor showers and rare occultations will grace the night sky this month.

In the coming week, a celestial event of rare proportions will unfold, captivating the attention of skywatchers worldwide. The red supergiant star Betelgeuse, a prominent feature in the Orion constellation, will experience a momentary eclipse on Monday, December 11. 

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Betelgeuse Occultation: A Celestial Blink

The phenomenon will be orchestrated by the asteroid 319 Leona, creating a 12-second blink, as it passes in front of Betelgeuse. This event presents a unique opportunity for astronomers to map the surface of the giant star, potentially unraveling the mysteries behind its recent peculiar behavior.