Murder in Paradise: Chocolate Mogul Arrested for Death of Canadian Entrepreneur and Wife


In a shocking turn of events, the serene Caribbean country of Dominica became the backdrop for a murder in paradise.

A prominent US chocolate mogul, Jonathan Lehrer, found himself at the center of a murder investigation following the tragic deaths of Canadian animation entrepreneur Daniel Langlois, 66, and his wife, Dominique Marchand.

The couple was discovered charred inside a burned-out car, a horrifying scene that unfolded after they were reported missing.

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Murder in paradise

The roots of this macabre incident can be traced back to a longstanding dispute between the victims and Lehrer.

The Langlois couple, who managed the local Coulibri Ridge resort, were engaged in a years-long conflict with Lehrer over the usage of a road running through property owned by the American chocolatier.