Skywatchers: The “Cold Moon” and meteor showers light up 2022 December skies


The night skies will light up for Skywatchers this month, so grab your telescope or binoculars. December 2022 features multiple meteor showers, lunar occultations, and a wintertime full moon also known as the “Cold Moon.” 

By the light of the “Cold Moon”

On Wednesday, Dec. 7 the moon goes full. The full wintertime moon in December is known as the “Cold Moon,” the “Winter Moon”, “Moon Before Yule,” or the “Long Night Moon.”

Expect it to be 97% full on December 6 and reach full illumination at 11:08 p.m. Eastern time on December 7. It is also 100% full on December 8. And by the next night, December 9 it will still be 98% full.

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Geminids Meteor showers 

This month’s viewing highlight is the Geminid meteor showers. The annual event has already begun.  They started on November 19 and end on Christmas Eve. It will peak between December 13–14. This gives you over 30 days to catch this light show.

On a good night, 50 to 100 meteors per hour will streak across the sky. And in peak times up to 125 meteors, in an hour can be seen.