Does “Social Justice” Breed Personal Victimhood?


In a recently conducted interview, author Noah Rothman shared some interesting points about social justice and its subsequent impact on American citizens.

Rothman on Social Justice in America

In essence, the author stated that social justice is having the opposite intended effect on various individuals in America.

“To create institutions that are dedicated to discrimination, to treating people unequally in order to achieve equality. There is, frankly, no justice in that. By rebooting the idea of justice, we have created a whole new class of victims.”

This is an issue which Rothman discusses in depth in his new book. ‘Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America’ hit bookshelves last month.

During the rest of the interview, Rothman also stated that social justice is noble in theory, yet counterproductive and toxic in reality:

“If you have no experience with social justice activists, you might just think these are very basic American concepts. A way for us to think about freedom and equality, and a just society, and righting legitimate historical grievances. In the hands of its activist class, however, it has decided to approach historical justice in a way that is antithetical to the American ideal.”

General Commentary on Social Justice

Generally, social justice is an aim which left-leaning Americans claim to be champions of. The left furthermore maintains that social justice is designed to promote equality for all; improving the lives of oppressed and marginalized people is also a cause which Democrats claim to champion.

Many Americans who lean to the political right believe as Rothman does. Conservatives have also stated that social justice tends to classify certain groups as inherent victims. Inherent victimhood, by nature, is antithetical to empowering and improving one’s quality of life.

Democrats have commonly faced criticism for the promotion of victimhood. The right-wing overwhelmingly maintains that leftists exploit victimhood for the sake of political capital and influence over others. Conservatives moreover claim that Democrats’ platform would witness significant declines if they truly “solved” the issues which they allege to advocate for fixing.

Many advocates of social justice have made headlines for protesting President Trump and other Republican leaders in the past two years.