Social Media Sites Roll Out Payment Plans to Skip Ads


An overwhelming majority of online users will agree there’s no love lost for ads that pop up. While different businesses and companies often rely upon ads to promote their products or services, many people don’t want to see them while they’re using the internet.

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In fact, some folks go as far as to download ad blocker programs on their computers and mobile phones. Others immediately press the “skip ad” button that appears on YouTube videos. Across the board, most people don’t want ads distracting from the online content that actually interests them.

Amid the nearly universal unpopularity of ads, some social media sites are taking the opportunity to capitalize. In real time, both Facebook and Instagram have begun rolling out optional payment plans that allow users to enjoy their platforms without ads.

What to know about the ad-free option on social media sites

Across the European Union (EU), Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland, Facebook and Instagram users over 18 will be able to browse the sites without seeing any ads. The only caveat is a 10 euro monthly fee for people using the social platforms on computers and a 13 euro monthly fee for those on mobile devices.