New Study Links Declining Sperm Count to Heavy Usage of Cell Phones


In recent years, reports of declining sperm count in men have drawn the interest of medical officials and the general public alike. All sorts of theories continue to emerge in response.

So far, pesticides, lead, additives in various foods, and even painting paraphernalia have been cited as factors in declining sperm.

Many people also believe that men’s falling sperm count should prompt much more work to increase their reproductive cells. This is especially concerning to folks who view the declining birth rates in many countries as problematic.

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However, a new study on men’s decreasing sperm count is here and making headlines. This one attributes frequent usage of cell phones to reduced male reproductive cells.

A closer look at the data

The study in question specifically focuses on young men from 18 to 22. Those who stated they use their cell phones more than 20 times each day were found to be 21% more likely to suffer from lower sperm count.

Specifically, the signals emitted and received by cell phones are what medical officials believe impacts men.