Southern Border Crisis Now Leading to Surge in U.S. Drugs


There’s more, though. According to the GOP leader, fewer border agents are present; this is because they must look after the massive numbers of migrant children and families coming. Therefore, the Southern border is infinitely less safe than it should be.

Finally, before McCarthy concluded, he stated that the “change in administration” is the undeniable culprit of what’s happening at America’s Southern border.

Silence from the Biden White House

At this time, the silence from President Biden’s administration is deafening. The White House has previously declared that this president is committed to transparency; however, time and time again, Biden proves otherwise.

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Vice President Kamala Harris is supposedly tasked with overseeing and fixing the border crisis; yet, Americans haven’t heard from her. In fact, Harris has not visited the border; she also continues refusing to hold a press conference.

The lack of leadership and lack of action ultimately keeps worsening the border crisis; now, the drug cartels sadly have free reign. Only the Biden administration can change this.