Sovereign AI: The Global Pursuit of AI Dominance


In the ever-evolving landscape of technological advancement, the concept of Sovereign AI has emerged.

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The concept is that the control and mastery of digital technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), are paramount to safeguarding and advancing national interests on a global scale. 

As people began to grasp the transformative potential of AI, a world-changing race began. 

Recently billions were invested in generative AI by Big Tech. At the same time, governments and nations started to assert authority over this game-changing technology. 

And the race was on!

What is Sovereign AI?

Renowned technology policy expert Pablo Chavez, affiliated with the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), underscores the necessity for each nation to assert sovereignty over AI. 

He emphasizes that harnessing AI’s economic potential while safeguarding national interests is imperative. Indeed, AI has become the modern-day equivalent of gold or oil, as articulated by Prof. Ahmed Banafa of San Jose State University’s College of Engineering.