White House Directs Agencies to Implement AI Risk Safeguards

White House Directs Agencies to Implement AI Risk Safeguards

New Mandate Aims to Protect Civil Rights and Ensure Transparency

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a sweeping directive, the White House has ordered federal agencies to fortify their defenses a

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gainst potential risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) across various sectors. The move underscores a concerted effort to balance the benefits of AI with concerns regarding safety and civil rights.

Governmentwide Policy Responds to Executive Order

Responding to a presidential executive order from last October, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has unveiled the first comprehensive policy aimed at addressing the risks posed by AI deployment. This initiative follows a roadmap set out to shield consumers and workers from privacy breaches, discrimination, and other potential harms stemming from the widespread adoption of AI technology.

White House Directs Agencies To Install AI Risk Safeguards : Concrete Safeguards Required

Effective December 1st, federal agencies are mandated to implement “concrete safeguards” when utilizing AI that could impact the rights or safety of Americans. These measures include rigorous assessment, testing, and monitoring of AI impacts, alongside efforts to mitigate algorithmic discrimination and enhance transparency in government AI usage.