SpaceX all-civilian Inspiration4 crew In-Training for September 2021 mission


Her father worked at the NASA tracking station for the Apollo Program (1963-1972). She says going to space has been the dream of her life.

Proctor represents the mission pillar of prosperity.

“Hard work and perseverance can lead to these impossible dreams possible,” she tells PEOPLE in an interview. “This is an experience that I’ve dreamt about and now I’m actually getting to experience it.”

“That is absolutely the golden ticket moment,” Proctor says. “But I’m also thinking about being a teacher in space, and how I can share that message, and as an artist — to be able to draw and paint and write poetry and share the experience in that realm, too.”

The Dragon will travel at speeds over 17,000 miles per hour in low-Earth orbit 335 miles above the Earth. The mission will last for three days. Then the Dragon will touch down off the coast of Florida to be picked up by a SpaceX retrieval team.

Musk said during a press conference in February that the Inspiration4 mission is “an important milestone toward enabling access to space for everyone.”