Support The Talent Coming Out of US Universities


I founded Electroimpact after graduating with my PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington. At first, I wanted to commercialize the research that I completed in my Doctoral Research – Low Voltage Electromagnetic Riveting. In 1986, I created Electroimpact as a company where engineers would find a place for their innovation and creativity. I hoped that they would join my company so they could have technical and commercial success as they developed projects from inception to through the warranty and spare parts provisioning. Electroimpact provides both equipment and services for aircraft and satellite manufacturing.

With the way that the media reports the needs of American companies, most people would never imagine that a company like mine would survive without being able to access employees who can only enter the US with an H1-B visa. But, this could not be farther from the truth. I have never needed to search outside of the US for help. And not just any help. My help builds products that no one has ever built before. My help is well-educated, innovative, creative, independent, and task-oriented. They are interesting people who appreciate that I trust their minds.