Support The Talent Coming Out of US Universities


As the president of a high-tech manufacturing company, I have experience finding and hiring talent. To no surprise of anyone who knows the world of high-tech manufacturing, I find the best talent comes from the United States. While some companies have turned to H1-B visas to find what they consider to be the “best” talent, I have not. And, my company has continued to thrive and dominant in the global marketplace by making some of the most technologically advanced products imaginable.

So, when I hear about Bill Gates testifying about how badly he needs to hire employees from around the world, I question his course of thought. My company, Electroimpact, is a haven for engineers who develop ideas and produce them for our customers in the aerospace industry. We hire engineers. And, those engineers come from universities in the United States. I have never had to look outside of the US and I am planning on keeping it that way. Because of my experience hiring from inside the US, I wonder what Bill Gates is doing wrong.