Exposing Insurance Carriers’ Bad Faith Practices: How Florida Aims to Protect Policyholders


Another crucial reform proposed by the bill is the restriction of medical billing practices under letters of protection (LOPs). Unregulated for years, the practice of providing medical services under an LOP has allowed medical groups to inflate their bills, knowing they’ll be compensated from claim proceeds. H.B. 837 seeks to curb these inflated damages verdicts by setting requirements for evidence and disclosure when a claimant seeks to recover medical expenses under an LOP.

“The reforms proposed in H.B. 837 will bring much-needed clarity to Florida’s personal injury sector,” says Samuel Lopez, legal news contributor for USA Herald. “For too long, insurance carriers have exploited the state’s lax tort law landscape to engage in bad faith conduct. This bill takes crucial steps toward curbing excessive litigation and ensuring a fairer system for all parties involved, particularly policyholders.”

In conclusion, the reforms proposed by H.B. 837 have the potential to significantly reshape Florida’s personal injury sector. By overhauling bad-faith laws and restricting medical billing practices, the bill aims to protect policyholders from frivolous lawsuits and insurance carriers’ predatory tactics, creating a fairer system for all parties involved. “It’s time for Florida to catch up with the rest of the country in terms of personal injury litigation,” says Lopez. “These reforms are a step in the right direction for the future of the state’s legal landscape.”

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