A Tale of Two Chambers


“VISIT Florida wast[es] tens of millions of taxpayer money. Make no mistake about it, the chicken little predictions and opposition to cleaning up this abuse has nothing to do with tourism, it’s 100 percent about powerful people and powerful companies being free to feather their nests with taxpayer money. We will fight to see they don’t get another dime of taxpayer money without major accountability and transparency reforms and this corruption has ended.”

With Governor Scott’s time in office approaching its end and candidates, like Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, beginning to declare their bids for Governor, Corcoran’s fighting words have many thinking that he has his sights set on the Governorship in 2018. While it might be too early to begin speculating on that idea, even for political writers, the veto-proof votes he orchestrated in his chamber on HB7005 and HB9 are momentous early victories that he will look to build on as the 2017 legislative session progresses. He has put a lot on his plate early on and, thus far, has shown a healthy appetite.