Teachers’ Use of AI Stirs Up Controversy


Across multiple industries, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to make its mark, transforming how people work and move through the world.

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In the health and medical fields, officials are reviewing various ways that AI can detect certain diseases. Meanwhile, the restaurant industry has begun embracing robots as a means of delivering meals to customers dining in.

Of course, artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword. Without secure regulations in place, many people fear the technology could invade privacy, put millions out of work, and otherwise create catastrophic problems.

Some might even argue that said catastrophic problems are beginning to materialize now.

The use of AI in higher education

Students at various levels frequently depend upon artificial intelligence to streamline certain tasks, such as essay and report writing. This, from the jump, led to backlash, with some instructors using AI checkers or rejecting papers not written manually.

Though in a new twist, more teachers are starting to use AI to make their own jobs easier. This typically involves implementing programs like ChatGPT, Writable, etc., to grade and design assignments, along with giving students feedback.