Researchers Uncover Likely Culprit Behind Growing Cancer Cases Among Young People


Cancer is a debilitating disease in which abnormal cells form within the body, leading to noxious gene mutations that spread and fester.

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Individuals with cancer may experience it in their heart, lungs, breasts, skin, or other parts of the body. To date, there is no cure for cancer; though catching it sooner rather than later can help facilitate more effective treatments.

For quite some time, cancer was regarded as an illness that impacts predominantly older individuals. Though recent years have seen an uptick in cases of younger people developing cancer.

Now, some medical researchers are sharing theories on what’s driving this unfortunate turn of events.

This could explain why more young people are coming down with cancer

In many respects, aging goes hand-in-hand with cancer. That is why older people have been traditionally more likely to suffer this disease than their younger counterparts. As such, researchers believe “accelerated biological aging” may be a factor in people coming down with cancer during their prime years.