Tech Companies Growth will End the 3rd Quarter of 2021


Meanwhile, Apple was hit by the chip shortages, and that could impact its iPhone sales. Amazon also reported a revenue miss although the companies reported a $100 billion quarter for the 3rd time in a row. The E-commerce tech giant’s CFO stated that the 3rd quarter seems to be harder.

However, Facebook is expecting 31% growth for the quarter. The social media giant’s expectations comes in conjunction with critics from lawmakers because of its data privacy.

“The NYU team provided valuable data about advertising on Facebook — data that Facebook has consistently refused to provide,” said Jonathan Mayer, an assistant professor at Princeton

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“It’s just gotten a lot harder for me to make data available to the public and to lawmakers and regulators, and that was something I regularly did,” said Edelson, a PhD candidate at NYU, calling it “a blow to oversight.”