Tech crimes: Video Voyeurism on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship


The FBI arrested a man on Wednesday for video voyeurism. The man they arrested was spotted setting the video that filmed over 150 victims on the cruise.

Another passenger on the cruise ship spotted a hidden camera in a public access bathroom. The FBI said the camera was found above the bathroom door, facing the toilet. 

When the camera contents were reviewed it was discovered that over 150 people using the bathroom or changing clothes were captured on video. Both adults and minors appeared on the hidden video cam.

The suspect, Jeremy Froias had been a passenger on April 29, on a seven-day Royal Caribbean cruise that sailed from Miami, Florida.

The arrest complaint detailed that when the ship reached international waters, Froias placed a hidden camera with Wi-Fi capabilities in a public bathroom on the ship’s top deck.

Photos taken by the FBI showed the small black camera and where it was placed in an area above the inside of the bathroom door. The report also shows the area that the camera was pointing to.