Telecom Co. Seeks Sanctions in Contract Dispute

Telecom Co. Seeks Sanctions in Contract Dispute

Florida-based Local Access LLC intensifies its legal battle against Chicago’s Peerless Network, alleging destruction of crucial records and refusal to disclose vital revenue information mandated by a Florida federal judge.


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ing Dispute Escalates

Local Access initiated legal proceedings over seven years ago, alleging breaches of a 2015 contract with Peerless Network. The crux of the matter revolves around Peerless Network’s failure to remit 75% of “collected tandem access revenue” to Local Access, as stipulated in the agreement.

Telecom Co. Wants Rival Sanctioned In Contract Row : Essential Information Withheld

Despite court directives, Peerless Network has consistently evaded disclosing the precise revenue figures, contending they are inaccessible or unavailable. Efforts to compel responses have yielded incomplete or non-responsive replies, intensifying tensions between the telecom rivals.

Shocking Revelation Before Trial

In a dramatic turn, Local Access unveils a startling revelation. Peerless Network admits to routine destruction of billing data crucial to the litigation since 2017. This admission, just weeks before trial, prompts Local Access to seek severe sanctions for what it deems “spoliation of evidence.”

Telecom Co. Wants Rival Sanctioned In Contract Row : Legal Maneuvers and Consequences

Local Access argues that Peerless’ actions merit sanctions, citing violations of court orders and the critical nature of the destroyed evidence. They demand compensation for incurred expenses and advocate for an adverse inference direction in the impending trial.

History of Legal Friction

This isn’t the first legal skirmish between the telecom giants. In 2021, Peerless Network’s law firm faced penalties for breaching a protective order, underscoring the protracted and contentious nature of this dispute.

Response from Peerless Network

Attorneys representing Peerless Network were unavailable for immediate comment, leaving the telecom community eagerly awaiting their response amidst escalating legal tensions.

Telecom Co. Wants Rival Sanctioned In Contract Row :Legal Representation

Local Access is legally represented by Sellman Hoff LLC and Marcus & Myers PA. Peerless Network’s legal counsel comprises O’Connor Haftel & Angell PLLC, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP, and Esbrook PC.

Ongoing Legal Battle

The case, Local Access LLC v. Peerless Network Inc., continues to unfold in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, with the trial scheduled for April 22, 2024. The telecom industry watches closely as these adversaries clash in a high-stakes legal showdown.