Terrifying Night at Sea: Carnival Sunshine Cruise Ship Battles Hurricane-Force Winds


Passengers on board the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship recently experienced a harrowing ordeal as the vessel was struck by hurricane-force winds. The incident occurred as the ship was returning to Charleston, South Carolina, from The Bahamas over the weekend. 

Disturbing videos shared on social media by passengers depicted the extensive damage and chaos caused by the severe weather conditions.

One particularly alarming video posted on Twitter by the Crew Center account revealed doors torn from their hinges, ruined furniture, and water flooding the hallways and cabins of the Carnival Sunshine.


 The tweet described the scene as the aftermath of a severe storm and mentioned that the crew had sought refuge in the theater, the only area left intact after the havoc wreaked by the tempest.

Hurricane-Force Winds

According to Craig Setzer, a broadcast meteorologist, the ship was hit by nearly 80 mph winds on Saturday morning.