Tesla Unit Triumphs in Supercapacitor Patent Battle.

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Delaware Jury Clears Maxwell Technologies in High-Stakes Lawsuit

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In a courtroom victory that resonates through the tech industry, a Delaware jury delivered a decisive verdict on Friday, affirming that Tesla subsidiary Maxwell Technologies successfully defended against patent claims levied by Australian company CAP-XX. The high-stakes lawsuit centered on cutting-edge supercapacitor technology used in energy storage devices.

Verdict Unveiled

After a riveting five-day trial, the jury emphatically rejected CAP-XX’s assertion that Maxwell infringed two crucial patents. The heart of the matter was whether Maxwell’s energy storage devices, the renowned supercapacitors, breached CAP-XX’s patents. The jury meticulously examined a lengthy list of Maxwell products and resolutely concluded that none of them infringed upon the contested patents.

Allegations and Counterarguments

CAP-XX contended that Maxwell’s infringement extended either directly or through the supply of components from the U.S. to other countries. The jury dismantled these claims, dismissing the notion of willful infringement.