Texas & Florida Social Media Laws Grapple with Free Speech

Texas & Florida Social Media Laws

In a high-stakes legal drama, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided to delve deep into the divisive world of digital speech. On Friday, the nation’s highest court took the bold step of agreeing to scrutinize the constitutionality of parallel Florida and Texas legislation. Both these laws vehemently oppose social media behemoths from censoring content due to a user’s viewpoint.

Texas & Florida Social Media Laws : A Legal Landscape Split Wide Open

A legal chasm has emerged. Last May, Florida’s SB 7072 faced a fierce blow when the Eleventh Circuit adjudged its content-moderation restrictions and compulsory user-notification requirements as unconstitutional. Yet, a contrasting verdict emerged from the Fifth Circuit in September 2022, leaving Texas’ HB 20 untouched but halting its enforcement until the Supreme Court lays down its judgment.

Tech Titans Take on The States

Stepping into the legal battleground are NetChoice LLC and the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) – powerhouses boasting memberships like Google and Facebook. They’ve decried these laws as not just unconstitutional but overwhelmingly oppressive.