Texas GOP Governor Enjoys Comfortable Lead Over Democratic Challenger


The Republican governor’s 11% lead over O’Rourke has grown by five points since November 2021 when the latter announced his candidacy. Days ago, Abbott also received an emphatic endorsement from former President Trump when the latter rallied in Texas.

Fundraising is yet another area where the Texas incumbent governor leads his leftist challenger. According to the Texas Tribune, Abbott enjoys a war chest of more than $62 million; meanwhile, O’Rourke currently retains $6 million in the bank.

Even during the very first 20 days of this year, the Lone Star State governor managed to raise more cash-on-hand than the Texas Democrat.

Understanding migration to the Lone Star State

Texas is one of the most popular destinations for individuals leaving blue states, such as California and New York. Between autocratic COVID mandates and anti-business policies, fewer Americans want to live in states run by Democrats.

This may explain why O’Rourke is having such a hard time connecting to Texas voters. An O’Rourke governorship would undoubtedly mirror the governorships of Newsom in California and Hochul in New York.