Texas Nuns Legal Battle with Diocese: Amidst Sin, Denial and Property Values


 In a letter to Bishop Olson, the nuns expressed their distress over the situation and requested the restoration of Mass, confessions, and public access.

Bishop Olson, in response, cited the nuns’ hindrance of his investigation and incitement of hatred against him as reasons for his decision. 

He argued that the matter should be determined by a church’s legal process rather than the state. 

The investigation

The core of the dispute revolves around an allegation made by Bishop Olson against Reverend Mother Teresa Agnes.

 He accused her of admitting to adultery with a priest from another diocese years ago. And turned it into a full-scale investigation of the Carmelite order. 

However, Reverend Mother Teresa Agnes, who is in poor health and connected to a feeding tube, vehemently denies these allegations.

And locals claim that if she did “confess” to the Bishop why is he publicly outing her “so-called sin.”  

The Fort Worth Diocese released a decree which appears to appoint Olson as the Pope’s representative, further supporting their stance.