Texas Outlaws All COVID Vaccine Mandates


The nation is witnessing a rising show of pushback against COVID vaccine mandates. Despite businesses rolling out these requirements, many workers are choosing to quit their jobs, sue, or face termination, rather than get the COVID vaccine.

For Americans who oppose COVID vaccine mandates, it’s a matter of individual freedom for one to make their own medical choices. Countless folks across the nation are not on board with the government or private sector determining what substances someone puts in their bodies.

For many Americans, enough is enough. On Monday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, outlawed all COVID vaccine mandates via executive order.

Assessing the Texas governor’s executive order

Abbott’s order ultimately decrees that all entities in Texas are prohibited from mandating workers or customers show proof of COVID vaccination. In this order, the Texas governor declares the COVID vaccine as safe and the most reliable guard against coronavirus; however, Abbott also maintains that no Texan should be forced to undergo this vaccination.