The 2024 Democratic National Convention May Be Hosted in Atlanta


The 2024 presidential election is closer than many Americans might think. With 2022 approaching its second half, the country is already heavily anticipating the November midterms.

In many ways, the country’s midterm elections are going to function as a bellwether for 2024.

Joe Biden already claimed he plans to seek the presidency again during the next White House race. However, Biden’s poll numbers are terrible. Scandals like inflation, baby formula shortages, and unaffordable gas prices aren’t helping his cause either.

Democrats are also gearing up for the 2024 presidential election. Contenders who plan to run in the race will begin announcing their candidacies after the midterms have passed.

In the meantime, the city of Atlanta, Georgia has expressed a clear interest in hosting the Democratic National Convention of 2024.

Atlanta on the possibility of hosting the Democratic National Convention

In a statement, Atlanta Democratic Mayor Andre Dickens confirmed the city is putting forward an official bid for hosting.