The debate over critical race theory continues


An expansion of critical race theory through the Pulitzer Prize-winning “1619 Project,” was developed by Nikole Hannah-Jones. And it was published by the New York Times.

The 1619 Project claims slavery was a key issue behind the American Revolution. This was one of the claims that some historians have widely disputed.

Those opposed claim that CRT and the 1619 project are perpetuating old and disputed concepts like predetermination and segregation.

They also claim that CRT is not being taught as a “theory” but as a fact.

Some consider the debate on critical race theory and now the 1619 Project as America’s new culture wars.

Bill Maher podcast joins the debate

Comedian and podcaster Bill Maher debated with actor Brian Cranston. On Mayer’s podcast “Club Random” they discussed whether critical race theory should be in schools.

The two discussed the hot-button ideology which claims that race shapes social and political movements, the media, and laws.

When discussing slavery Maher said people like former presidents should not be canceled for having slaves.