The Human Kiss: Insights from Ancient Texts and Discoveries


Historians previously believed the first recorded instance of a human kiss occurred 4,500 years ago. Now a 2023 archaeological discovery challenges this assumption. 

In the timeless dance of human affection, the act of kissing has long held a place of significance.

Unearthed clay tablets dating back millennia have rewritten the narrative. There is now evidence that humans may have been kissing a thousand years earlier than previously thought.

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The Human Kiss

According to Smithsonian researchers there is evidence of kissing in the ancient Middle East. And this is documented in ancient texts from 2,500 BCE.

Embedded within the ancient clay tablets of Mesopotamia lies a poetic testament to human intimacy.

The translation by Nathan Wasserman of the Akkadian Love Literature of the Third and Second Millennium B.C.E. reveal poignant expressions of desire.