The Legal Battle: Emergency Abortion Blocked by Texas Supreme Court


The Texas Supreme Court has temporarily halted a groundbreaking lower court decision, preventing a Texas woman, Kate Cox, from obtaining an emergency abortion.

Judge Maya Guerra Gamble granted Cox’s request for an abortion which was immediately met with a “stay” from the Supreme Court.

The decision comes amid a legal battle over the state’s restrictive abortion laws, raising concerns about the accessibility of urgent medical care for women facing severe pregnancy anomalies.

Kate Cox filed her lawsuit against the state challenging its stringent abortion bans and seeking a temporary restraining order to allow her an emergency abortion due to a severe anomaly in her pregnancy.

The Texas Supreme Court has intervened, putting the lower court’s decision on hold as it reviews the case.

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The Center for Reproductive Rights advises Cox’s medical team says the fetus has no chance of survival and that continuing the pregnancy could pose a serious risk to her health and future fertility.