The US Embassy is Advising American Citizens to Leave Ukraine


Tomorrow will also mark Ukraine’s Independence Day; this is the anniversary of the nation dodging dominion under the Soviet Union. Although because of anticipated attacks from Russians, Ukraine is now barring its people from gathering at the nation’s capitol to celebrate.

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Earlier today, news broke that the White House is preparing to send $3 billion over to Ukraine. Apparently, these funds exist for Ukraine to train its military now and in the future.

Since this war began, Ukraine’s been forced to pull out all stops. Russia relied on being a bigger nation than Ukraine as helping them in this war; yet, the spirit of Ukrainians, coupled with support from the West, is giving Russia a run for its money.

Additionally, Russia remains on the receiving end of sanctions that are expected to intensify. Already, numerous businesses have ceased all operations in Russia as a means of opposing the nation’s choice to wage war against the sovereign country that is Ukraine.