The US Embassy is Advising American Citizens to Leave Ukraine


Tomorrow will mark a full six months since Russia launched war against Ukraine. This war hasn’t panned out nearly as well for Russia as it expected.

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Russian leader Vladimir Putin thought his troops would go in and take Ukraine within a few days. However, Ukrainians held their ground and continue to fiercely fight back in defense of their homeland.

A major asset to Ukraine has been the weapons and money sent to the country from the West. Still, the war is far from over. Putin, per multiple reports, has no intention of willingly backing down or recalling his troops.

However, the US Embassy in Ukraine has recently issued a very important warning to American citizens.

Leave while you still can

On its official website, the US Embassy in Ukraine put out an alert that Russian forces remain anticipated to launch attacks against key points in Ukraine.

Therefore, it’s in the interests of Americans not to be in the country when this happens. Some US citizens previously visited Ukraine to show solidarity for what the nation’s people are going through; however, those who don’t leave now may have trouble getting out later.