This couple is Fighting on Whether they Should buy a $60K Mercedes, This is why It Matters

Mercedes Benz E-Class 350 2021
Mercedes Benz E-Class 350 2021

One of the biggest problems in marriages is how a couple spends their earnings. Make the couple a businessman and a businesswoman who run a business, and you have an even more complicated situation. In fact, this is the case that we have for today’

For instance, Derek and Jocelyn Porter, are 50/50 business partners running Philadelphia-based children’s entertainment business D&J Costumes. Jocelyn wants to get a $60,000 car to replace her old Mercedes-Benz. However, Derek argued that it’s not worth the shot and that she should decrease the budget by three folds. He said that this will absorb the blow that their business received due to the Covid-19 lockdowns. 

The debate started after Jocelyn showcased her desire about upgrading her 5-year-old Mercedes e350 to a new model. The price of the new desired Mercedes is $60,000. According to Jocelyn, the 5-year-old Mercedes has been having transmission problems which are costly. The car costs her a monthly payment of $480 with $8,000 remaining on the car loan. The resale value is estimated to be $6,000