More Than Three Out of Four Companies Lack Proper Cybersecurity Measures


According to Tech Republic, a total of 77% of businesses are lacking formal cybersecurity incident response plans (CSIRP).

An Overview of Missing CSIRPs

Cybersecurity is one of the trending, technological focal points of 2018. As hackers, thieves, and other cybercriminals increase in prolificity, companies and businesses are encouraged to do the same. However, 77% of entrepreneurs admit to not having a proper cybersecurity incident response plan in the event of a cyberattack.

The foregoing statistic is even more problematic in light of other cybernews. 57% of companies affirm that addressing cyber-related issues takes longer than before. Moreover, an additional 65% state that the intensity of cyber attacks is surging. In layman’s terms, online criminals are becoming more strategic, but targeted companies aren’t.

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Source: Pixabay

31% of businesses are believed to have the financial means to enact proper cybersecurity measures. IBM Resilient co-founder Ted Julian also highlighted the importance of having security protocols in place:

Organizations may be feeling more Cyber Resilient today, and the biggest reason why was hiring skilled personnel. Having the right staff in place is critical[.] Arming them with the most modern tools to augment their work is equally as important.

Additional Cybersecurity Issues

The lack of CSIRPs is only the tip of the iceberg regarding cybersecurity problems in 2018. Rapid technological developments, such as artificial intelligence and 5G mobile networks, are inevitable parts of the future. Many people have noted and lauded the merits of these various forms of automation.

Some of the most problematic aspects of cybersecurity are the lack of specialists and lack of awareness. Technology is progressing, cybercriminals are advancing, yet many businesses and companies are remaining stagnant. From the most objective perspective, this dichotomy is dangerous and extremely risky.

Source: Pixabay

Contrary to popular belief, cybersecurity is not just a Western issue. Many countries around the world are experiencing impacts from the threats engendered by a lack of security and proper protocol. Last week, the South China Morning Post suggested that China and the West work together as a means of solving cybersecurity related issues.

Meanwhile, experts are strongly encouraging businesses and companies to enact the appropriate cybersecurity measures. If businesses continue to lag behind as cybercriminals advance, the current problems will pale in comparison to future ones.