Over Three Million Early Votes Cast in Georgia Senate Runoffs


In exactly four more days, the Georgia special elections will reach an end. The arrival of 2021 has brought news that over three million early votes were cast in the state’s senate runoffs.

The runoffs have been heavily watched and followed by the nation as Georgia voters will determine which political party will control the United States Senate.

Sen. David Perdue is currently up for re-election against liberal challenger Jon Ossoff. On the other hand, Sen. Kelly Loeffler is working to safeguard her Senate seat from Democrat Raphael Warnock.

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If Republicans retain one or two seats, they’ll hold onto their Senate majority; however, if Democrats best both of the GOP senators, Republicans will lose the majority.

The latest news on the Georgia special elections

More than three million Georgia residents, or 38.8% of the state’s registered voters, have cast a ballot thus far. Traditionally, Democrats are more likely than Republicans to vote early; although, the GOP has put a stronger emphasis on early voting as of late.