Tiger Island Fire: Battling Unprecedented Wildfires in Louisiana


The Tiger Island Fire, in Louisiana continues to ravage the state. And has burned more acres of land than the statewide annual average over the last decade. The wildfire now threatens Merryville, a town with a population of 1,000.

Gov. John Bel Edwards issued a statement Wednesday, “While we are urgently responding to the current situation in Beauregard Parish, our first responders have been fighting an unprecedented number of wildfires throughout the state.” 

The Governor addressed the ongoing wildfire crisis in Louisiana, emphasizing the monumental efforts of the state’s first responders who are combating hundreds of wildfires. 

The Times-Picayune noted that nearly 360 wildfires had ignited during the month of August alone.

With triple-digit temperatures and no rain forecast, Louisiana finds itself grappling with conditions that have led to the outbreak of wildfires across the state. With temperatures soaring to 109 degrees and humidity factored in, the discomfort index reached a staggering 118 degrees.