Tijuana Flats Announces Bankruptcy

Tijuana Flats files for bankruptcy

In a significant shift for the beloved Tex-Mex chain, Tijuana Flats disclosed its recent filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a Florida court. The announcement came alongside news of a change in ownership, with the company now under the helm of Flatheads LLC.

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Financial Restructuring to Salvage Brand Viability

Tijuana Flats, a name synonymous with vibrant Tex-Mex cuisine, faces over $10 million in debt, prompting decisive actions by the new owners to safeguard the brand’s future. The transition to Flatheads LLC was marked by the closure of 11 underperforming locations and the bankruptcy filing, both aimed at revitalizing the company’s financial health.

The company’s representatives stated, “We are committed to restoring the core values of Tijuana Flats by emphasizing superior customer service, maintaining high food quality, and ensuring fair pricing. Our goal is to fortify the foundation of this esteemed brand, enabling it to flourish and ascend to new heights.”

Tijuana Flats files for bankruptcy : A Closer Look at the Financial Challenges

The bankruptcy documents reveal liabilities ranging between $10 million and $50 million, reflecting the financial hurdles Tijuana Flats must overcome. This legal move is designed to restructure the company efficiently while continuing operations that resonate with both old fans and new patrons.