Top Republican Slams Biden’s Disastrous First Month as President


It doesn’t stop there, though. McCarthy pointed out that while Biden prioritized opening the Southern border and bringing migrants into the U.S., schools remain closed and children are not in classrooms. To make matters even worse, China now has a real advantage over the U.S. since Biden pushed our country back into the Paris Climate Accord.

McCarthy pointed out all of these details and more. He also noted the complicity of congressional Democrats, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and others. The House Minority Leader remarked that Speaker Pelosi and her cohorts are more concerned with including non-essentials rather than relief in the current COVID-19 stimulus package.

Bringing Balance to 2022

McCarthy is far from alone regarding his frustrations with this current president and his administration. Many other Republicans are also noting the harm of Biden putting teachers’ unions above children and illegal immigrants before U.S. workers.

In 2022, Republicans will have a shot to take back the House of Representatives and possibly even the Senate. Right now, this is the only way out for the GOP. With Republicans controlling at least one of two congressional chambers, they can restore balance to the U.S. federal government.