Toronto Pride Events Allow Adults to Flash Kids!

Toronto Pride Events Allows Adults to Flash Kids!

As colorful confetti rains down on the vibrant Toronto Pride event, a conundrum has emerged that leaves local citizens perplexed. Over the past weeks, social media platforms have buzzed with Toronto pride events full of images of adults baring all at the event, pushing boundaries that call into question the event’s appropriateness for younger spectators.

Toronto Pride Events: Pride in Full Display

Amidst the revelry, an entire cohort of marchers undeterred by the presence of minors, exposed themselves to the crowd. Similar scenes have also sprung up in various US cities during their respective Pride celebrations, sparking a burst of contentious discussions.

Niagara local, Rob Primo, sought clarification by directly contacting the Toronto Police Service (TPS). Primo shared a recorded conversation of his dialogue with an officer who, while admitting that public nudity is generally illegal, seemed to suggest that during Pride parades, such norms are regularly bent.

Law and Interpretation

Canada’s Criminal Code, specifically Section 173(2), clearly states that it is unlawful to deliberately expose one’s genitalia to a person under the age of 16. Violators of this provision are liable for imprisonment up to two years. Yet, at Pride events that openly celebrate sexuality, these prohibitions seem to fade into the background.