Transgender Worker Alleges Wrongful Termination from North Carolina Sam’s Club

3D illustration by Quince Media

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Charlene Bost filed a federal lawsuit alleging that she wrongfully terminated from a Sam’s Club in North Carolina in 2015 after she filed formal complaints where she alleged harassment. Bost, a transgender woman, began working at Sam’s Club in 2004 before she began her transition. She alleged that before she began her transformation, she was promoted and received praise for work.

EEOC: Sam’s Club Was a Hostile Work Environment for Charlene Bost

In 2014, Charlene Bost filed a complaint with EEOC regarding her work environment at Sam’s Club. The EEOC issued a decision in 2017 that Bost’s work environment was hostile. Sam’s Club disagreed with the EEOC’s finding. While the parties engaged in a mediation process, a conclusion was not reached. The EEOC gave Charlene Bost the right to sue Sam’s Club.

Bost Allegations Include Harassment by Co-workers and Supervisors

In 2008, Bost began the transformation process. As Bost began to wear longer hair and use make-up, she alleges in the lawsuit that she was harassed by both coworkers and managers. She alleges in 2014, a former co-workers said to a Sam’s Club customer, “Here comes that thing with an attitude.”