Trendsettah USA Inc wins $10.8M in Fees

Trendsettah USA Inc wins $10.8M in Fees

In a high-stakes drama unfolding within the corridors of justice, a California federal court has ruled in favor of Trendsettah USA Inc., a maverick in the cigarillo industry, bestowing upon them a colossal sum of nearly $11 million. This sum comprises a staggering $10,237,493 in attorney fees and an additional $613,181 in distributions, marking a significant milestone in their protracted antitrust and breach of contract suit against their Floridian adversary, Swisher International Inc.

A Labyrinthine Legal Journey

The saga, resembling a legal odyssey, spanned over a decade and saw numerous dramatic twists. It encompassed multiple verdicts, dual voyages through the Ninth Circuit’s appellate labyrinth, and an indictment that ensnared Trendsettah’s chief executive, adding a layer of intrigue to this already complex narrative. U.S. District Judge James V. Selna, a central figure in this legal drama, highlighted the journey’s complexity, noting the repetitive cycle of judgments, appeals, and reinstatements surrounding the breach of contract claims.

Trendsettah USA Inc wins $10.8M in Fees : Contract and Antitrust

Initially, Trendsettah, the David in this Goliath tale, took on Swisher in 2014, accusing the tobacco titan of orchestrating a cunning plot to crush Trendsettah’s supply of cigarillos. The allegation was that Swisher, leveraging its market dominance, coerced Trendsettah into a supply contract, only to later renege on the deal, a move akin to a chess grandmaster toppling a pivotal piece.

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