True Anomaly Secures $100M in Series B Funding

True Anomaly $100M Funding Round

In a move as monumental as a rocket launch, True Anomaly Inc., steered by the legal expertise of Goodwin Procter LLP, announced a triumphant close to its Series B funding round, amassing a colossal $100 million. This financial boost propels the company towards an ambitious trajectory, focusing on enhancing its workforce, product range, and services, thereby solidifying its vision for the future.

True Anomaly $100M Funding Round: Fueling True Anomaly’s Journey

Led by Riot Ventures, the funding constellation included a blend of venture powerhouses – Eclipse, ACME Capital, Menlo Ventures, Narya, 645 Ventures,, Champion Hill Ventures, and FiveNine Ventures. This diverse group of investors is akin to a galaxy of stars, each adding their unique brilliance to True Anomaly’s skyward journey.

Navigating the New Frontier: True Anomaly’s Mission Statement

Even Rogers, the captain of the True Anomaly ship and its CEO, articulated a vision as vast as the cosmos itself. “Space, the final frontier, is also the most exposed in the current global race for dominance. The U.S. and its allies are navigating this uncharted territory with inadequate tools for conflict that might spill over into the celestial realm. True Anomaly is pioneering technologies to fortify space, ensuring it remains a safe, stable, and transparent domain,” he stated, emphasizing the company’s crucial role in this interstellar challenge.

True Anomaly $100M Funding Round: True Anomaly’s Odyssey

Birthed at the dawn of 2022, True Anomaly has quickly become a beacon in the field of space domain awareness, security, and preparedness. Their arsenal includes a unique blend of dynamic software, state-of-the-art spacecraft for intricate space operations, and non-Earth imaging technologies. In addition to these, their repertoire extends to training programs for operators, capability testing, and responsive mission strategies.

Riot Ventures: Reinforcing their Belief in True Anomaly

Echoing the company’s success, Will Coffield of Riot Ventures, highlighted, “Witnessing True Anomaly’s journey since its inception has been akin to watching a supernova. Reinforcing our investment in this round mirrors our faith in their exceptional performance. Facing the intense cosmic challenges in national security, we are confident in True Anomaly’s ability to provide the necessary countermeasures.”

True Anomaly $100M Funding Round: True Anomaly’s Earthly Endeavors

The Colorado Springs-based firm, in its inaugural operational year, inaugurated the GravityWorks spacecraft manufacturing facility in the Denver Tech Center. This expansion was paralleled by a doubling of its workforce, illustrating a growth trajectory as rapid as a comet’s. Moreover, the firm has recently completed the assembly of its first two Jackal autonomous orbital vehicles, scheduled for a stellar debut on SpaceX’s Transporter-10 mission in 2024.