Trump Campaign Files Federal Lawsuit Against Nevada


Lawsuits and other forms of litigation are quickly becoming dominant elements in the 2020 presidential election. This is expected to delay the period in which Americans will know who won the race.

From the jump, the Trump campaign has maintained concerns about the integrity of mail-in ballots. During the election, numerous reports of ballots in garbage bins surfaced, as did stories of misprinted ballots and ballots lacking signature lines.

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Now, the Trump campaign is bringing a federal lawsuit against the state of Nevada. The suit in question cited evidence of non-residents voting, along with the counting of other illegal votes.

Earlier this morning, the Trump campaign gathered in Las Vegas to announce the details and particulars of their federal lawsuit against Nevada.

Everything you should know about the lawsuit

Trump adviser Richard Grenell spoke in no unclear terms when addressing the public.

Grenell stated that due to evidence the campaign has of illegal votes in the state of Nevada, they are filing suit. The Trump adviser then noted the 30-day residency requirement that is mandatory in Nevada before people in the state can vote there.

Likewise, Grenell informed that the Trump campaign’s federal lawsuit against Nevada arrives after the team sought answers about illegal votes from Clark County, but to no avail.

The Trump adviser continued criticism of Clark County during the press conference. Grenell explained that county officials remain “silent” and maintain the counting of illegal, ineligible votes.

After Grenell’s remarks, Matt Schlapp, another Trump aide, shared some remarks. Schlapp warned that the Trump presidency “hangs in the balance” right now. Furthermore, Schlapp slammed the lack of transparency that has happened as poll watchers and others are barred from watching the counting of ballots.

Corruption in the media

The federal lawsuit against Nevada is just one of several measures being employed by the Trump campaign to ensure election integrity.

As of this writing, President Trump is leading in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia. In each of these states, the vast majority of votes are in (99% in Georgia), but election officials and the media have yet to call these states.

This marks a significant contrast from the media’s rush to call various states for Biden. As time passes, it is looking like certain calls, such as Arizona, were hasty and premature. Yesterday, the Republican Party of Arizona demanded Fox News to withdraw their assertion of Biden winning the state.

Despite the corruption at work here, the Trump campaign remains confident. Furthermore, the president’s re-election team believes that upon counting all legal votes, Trump will win four more years in office.

Developments surrounding the 2020 presidential election are breaking by the hour. USA Herald will continue sharing more information as it arrives.